Irrational Orthodox Noise look like they've just stepped out of a salon.

This betrays a certain 1980s ethos, but they're more New Wave than New Romantic. That's not in the pick 'n' mix Joy Division-by-numbers style either, that seems to be de rigeur among indie bands in Budapest and elsewhere (EZ Basic for example.) At times, they're a pretty good fit for Bernard Sumner's "depressing dance music" moniker, especially if you add 'industrial' as a prefix.

Songs are varied: "Teach Me How to Fly" is both sinister and dreamy; the dark electronica of "Check in Your Body" somehow remains radio friendly, at least until you reach the industrial boat-coming-into-the-harbour outro; while "Sounddress" is more of a warbling art project than a song.

When it comes to alternative music in Budapest there's a paucity of talent and an abundance of the ersatz. ION, however, are not part of the fashion. They tap into the history of independent music and come up with something that sounds genuinely 1987.

Sample them below or check their myspace here.

Andy Sz.


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